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The Quilts


Tea with Florance: Tea with Florence is in memory of my Great grand mother Florence Abbott  Dutton.  Great grandma collected tea cups and I am fortunate to own one of her tea table clothes which I took with me in selecting fabrics. The pattern is called Afternoon Tea by Judy Flanagan and I was fortunate to have my friend and wonderful machine quilter Marion Lutz do the quilting with wonderful feathering!  Started Oct. 06 and finished March 07


Frances's Garden: Frances's Garden is in memory of my Grandmother Frances Dutton Butler.  Grandma tried for years to plant flowers around her home but she never had a green thumb, now she does!  The pattern is called Grandmothers Garden and this quilt is completely had pieced and quilted. The boarder is my own design with the red flowers and blue dragon flies appliquéd.  I began this quilt in June of 06 and finished in in Sept. 06


Blissful Seas: This mariners compass was hand stitched and hand quilted, and the boarder is my own design. This quilt was commissioned for a wedding gift by a wonderful friend of my to be given to her son and his new wife. The couple live in Freeport, Maine and love the ocean, so the boarder represents many nautical themes.  Pink sky at night sailors delight, pink sky in morning sailors take warning.  To the north, the north star and south the southern cross. Nautical stars in the corners and flying geese.  This quilt has also been featured on Quilter, Sharon Stroud's web site,  Hope you like it!


Stars In The Sky


Desert Rose


English Piece


My niece Stephanie's graduation quilt


Matt's graduation quilt

My niece Erin's graduation quilt


Current project wedding gift for Mike and Susan Daubenspeck







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